White Canvas Tarps

White Canvas Tarps

We manufacture the white canvas tarps. The white cotton canvas tarp is an off white color which gives it a more vintage look.

White Canvas Tarps Specs

16 oz. Per Square Yd. - White Heavy Duty Cotton Threading

Grommets are Approx. Every 2' around tarps perimeter.

Tear Resistant Canvas Material

Great with abrasions

Durable White Cotton Canvas

*These white canvas tarps finished size are around 6" or up to 3% smaller

White Canvas Tarps

These white canvas tarps are our set sizes that we offer. If you need custom white canvas tarps, give us a call and we will get you the white canvas tarps that are perfect for you. These canvas tarps are water resistant. If you are looking for tarps that are waterproof please go to our poly tarps page. These white canvas tarps are great for hauling debris or handling heavy winds why covering a trailer load.  The base material for a canvas tarp is cotton.  It is important to make sure to chose a canvas tarp that is made with industrial grade cotton.