Green Canvas Tarps

Green Canvas Tarps

The green canvas tarps are a dark forest green and blends into the environment well.

Green Canvas Tarps Specs

16 oz. Per Square Yd. - Green Heavy Duty Cotton Threading

Grommets are Approx. Every 2' around tarps perimeter.

Tear Resistant Canvas

Great with abrasions

Durable Green Cotton Canvas

*These white canvas tarps finished size are around 6" or up to 3% smaller

Green Canvas Tarps

The green canvas tarps are great for anybody looking to cover something that needs to blend into the environment. Many homeowners have restrictions on the type of coverings they can have in their front yard. Our green canvas tarps are a favorite with homeowner associations wanting to make sure that the integrity of their atmosphere is kept. The green canvas tarps blend into the environment and prevent any abstruse of eyesores.